SMART Security Pros Announces the Launch of Their New Website

SMART Security Pros, a leading provider of security solutions, announced this week the launch of their new website, which focuses on the company’s Mobile Video Guard services. The launch of their new website follows the company’s move to a new, and much larger office space.

“At SMART Security Pros, our focus has always been on providing our customers with access to the latest security technologies,” said Shawn Scarlata, CEO and Founder of SMART Security Pros. “We believe our new website will allow us to offer our Mobile Video Guard services to more people in more locations around the United States.”

The new website and move to a new location is expected to help support the company’s rapidly expanding service area. The Maryland based company recently expanded to include work in New York, NY; Boston, MA;  Philadelphia, PA; New Jersey and Baltimore. SMART Security Pros has experienced strong growth through 2018, especially in Mobile Video Guard trailer rentals.

The Mobile Video Guard is a revolutionary security solution for large areas where monitoring can be difficult. Units are available in trailers or pole/wall-mounted systems. The unit includes surveillance cameras, which capture live video feed. This video feed is analyzed in real time to detect potential problems. Surveillance agents notify management and the authorities of potential issues. This enables security and safety risks to be addressed immediately, effectively eliminating the chance of crime or injury.

The Mobile Video Guard is commonly used on construction sites, car dealerships, equipment yards, waste and recycling centers, utility infrastructure sites and other areas where trespassing, vandalism, and theft are common. This system has been proven to reduce the number of trespassers. It also provides the proof needed to locate and prosecute criminals when needed.

The company’s new website features information about SMART Security Pros’ Mobile Video Guard services, as well as images of the company’s products in use, and information about their Channel Partner Program, which will enable security integrators and other security related companies to offer Mobile Video Guard services to their customers. The Partner Program generates recurring revenue and allows security professionals to offer more options to their clients.

The new website can be viewed at

About SMART Security Pros

SMART Security Pros provides security solutions that utilize the latest security technologies. Founded in 2016, the company has experienced incredible growth over the past two years. SMART Security Pros and Mobile Video Guard both offer Mobile Video Guard services.

For more information about SMART Security Pros, please visit their website at


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