Hands-On Corporate Safety & Security Training For DC, MD, and VA Professionals

Workplace compliance and safety begins with a well-trained workforce.

SMART Security Pros can provide a wide variety of corporate security and safety training for your company, organization or community group.  Our corporate training program is completely customizable and will be tailored for your specific situation.  As an example, our head trainer recently conducted Active Shooter / Active Aggressor Response training for a large Washington, D.C. area residential management company. Over the course of several months he provided training to the management office staff at over 75 of their locations, ensuring that every employee was traine

Customized On/Off-Site Corporate Safety & Security Training

The safety and security of you, your family, employees, residents, and patrons should always be a top priority.  To help you teach awareness and proper response to safety and security related issues, SMART Security Pros has put together an ever growing list of courses and seminars that can be taught at your location or ours.
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We offer specialized training in the following areas:

  • Active Shooter – Ensure that your employees know exactly what to do in the case of an active shooter
  • Banking – Training employees in safety measures they can institute into their daily routines, including non-bank employees who make nightly bank deposits
  • Retail – Loss prevention personnel at area department stores
  • Employee Self-Defense – Non-security industry employers that wish to provide their employees with a variety of personal safety and self-defense classes
  • Personal Safety – General personal safety courses as well as specialized women’s safety classes
  • Identity Theft Protection – Teaching the importance of prevention and what to do if your identity is stolen
  • CPR / AED Certification courses
  • Workplace Harrassment Avoidance Training

If there is a course of instruction, class, demonstration, etc… that is related to corporate or personal security and you don’t see it listed, please contact us. We can put together a program to suit your needs and within your budget.

If you are interested in finding out more about our standard security guard training or customized industry security training services, feel free to contact us today.

Why it is Importance to provide Employees With Security Awareness Training ?

Safety and security are a top priority for any business and offering security awareness training for your employees is a great way to ensure you are taking the steps to be prepared if any safety or security issues arise. Having professionals with extensive experience in security to train your employees will build their awareness of how to spot potential issues quickly and respond effectively. You may put your team, patrons, and yourself in danger without having the most relevant knowledge and proper training of how to handle varying types of safety and security issues.

As you often hear, it is better to be over-prepared than not prepared when dealing with troubling situations. Although your employees can be the ones highest at risk in security and safety situations, providing proper training can make them part of your best defense. 

SMART Security Pros has the experience and knowledge to teach proper response to security and safety-related issues and help you and your team build better awareness of these situations. Contact us to set up a security awareness training session for your company, organization, or community today. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a well-trained workforce. 

Hire an Experienced Security Firm for Your Awareness Training

Educating your employees about security and safety awareness is the first step to having a well-prepared team. When choosing a training firm, you want to choose one that is professional and has experience in the security field. Choosing a firm that focuses on armed security will give your team the best insights and best prepare them for any situation. Firms that focus on armed security have trainers who have been in a wide variety of security situations from theft to active shooters and can share their real-life perspectives with your team to give them a better understanding of what to expect in these situations.

At SMART Security Pros, we have experienced personnel who have been in armed security positions so you can trust that your employees will receive the highest quality training on security and safety awareness. 

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