The Importance of Physical Security in the Workplace

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physical security

Every business wants to protect its assets. The most effective way is by monitoring what comes in and what goes out.

Online security is beneficial in that it secures a company’s online data. However, physical security takes securing data a leap forward–protecting the location where the data is stored.

Often companies become secure with network security like antivirus software, firewalls, and encryption, but they overlook the importance of balancing security for both their online existence and physical presence.

Let’s discuss the importance of physical security in the workplace.

Physical Security Protects Against Theft

Having the proper security policy in place can help a company save thousands. It is the most fundamental facet of protection.

Here are some security examples and how they can protect your property.


Perimeter security sets up the first layer of protection for your company. Fences hinder attackers from walking directly onto the facilities unwarranted.

Access Controls

Gates codes, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), remote keys, and alarm systems control who can have access to your property.

Special Locks

Companies like equipment storage yards, junkyards, and scrap metal yards leave materials out in the open work yard. They’re normally secured by fences or electronic gates.

Security locks that require special code access or special keys help guard against thieves who might gain access to the premises and vandalize the place.

Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras help divert and reduce crime. Observation tools like cameras, closed circuits television (CCTV), and video monitoring records 24-hour activity on the property.

Also, most up-to-date surveillance technology comes with compatible smartphone apps that allow owners to view live footage of the property from anywhere.

Security Guard

The physical presence of a guard on duty redirects criminals and provides on-demand protection, as someone is actually overseeing the facilities and equipment.

The ultimate goal is to protect your property from theft.

Helps Maintain Preparedness

Breaches in security can happen at any given moment, more so with companies who lack the physical presence of security.

Having a security policy in place brings organization to a company. Normally, when one breach happens, interoffice dynamics tend to spiral.

Pertinent data can’t be retrieved until days later, and the company loses money spending productive time trying to analyze data and sort through what has taken place.

Managing your property with a physical securing system helps detract, detect, and record crime from the minute it happens, helping owners take action to protect and secure their premises almost immediately.

Get Physical Security

Corporations and companies lose millions each year to theft and vandalism, all due to the absence of a reliable security policy system. Not having the proper physical security system opens a company up to many financial risks.

Minimize these risks by putting in place the proper security features to guard your property. Fences, security guards, alarm systems, and surveillance cameras together make it easier to monitor activity on your site and report unwelcomed behavior immediately.

Check out our SMART security services to find out how you can start protecting your property today.

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